The Art Elevator

The Art Elevator

Hosted by: Larissa Wild

Want to know more about the art world but don’t have time, or don’t know where to start? Join me on this podcast as I dig deep interviewing art historians, curators, appraisers, artists, and more to bring you...


Claudia Hess on "NFTs in Art Explanation"

Season #13 Episode #7

Claudia Hess, MBA, AAA brings 40 years of experience as an art historian, curator, entrepreneur, educator, gallery owner, and art collector to her role as CEO of Hess Art Advisory.   Hess Art Advisory provides a suite...
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Sarah Reeder on "Mid-Century Modern Designers and the Artists They Collected"

Season #13 Episode #6

Sarah is an appraiser, a Midcentury Modern Design specialist, and scholar of the 20th-century artist and designer Ray Eames.  Sarah is CEO of Artifactual History® Appraisal which provides USPAP-compliant appraisal...
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Carl Schmitz on “An Introduction Into The World of Catalogues Raisonnés”

Season #13 Episode #5

In today’s podcast, I interview Carl Schmitz, who is an art researcher and catalogues raisonné scholar. He joins me today as we discuss the role that catalogues raisonnés play in the art world. In this episode you’ll...
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Matt Isble on “Setting Up a Museum Exhibit.”

Season #13 Episode #4

Matt Isble is the Director of Exhibition Design at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento California & is also the Founder of which is a cross-disciplinary resource for those in the Museum...
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Dr. Sharon Hecker on “Sculpture and Light”

Season #13 Episode #3

In today's episode, I interview Dr. Sharon Hecker in Milan Italy. Dr. Hecker is an art historian, curator, lecturer and consultant, with a Ph.D. in History of Art – University of California at Berkeley, an M.A. in...
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Alvah Beander on “Different Kinds of Value in Art”

Season #13 Episode #2

Today, I'm interviewing Alvah Beander, who is a fine art appraiser specializing in Traditional and Contemporary African Art, art by African Americans, including Folk Art and Art by people of the African Diaspora. She...
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MC Flux on “What Exactly Happens In Your Brain When You Look At Fine Art?”

Season #13 Episode #1

In today's episode, I interview MC Flux, who is a graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder working on a dual Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience. Flux has a B.S. in biotechnology, and an M.S....
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